YiFang Fruit Tea


The original intention of  YiFang fresh fruit tea is dedicated to the promotion of  Taiwan's fruit tea in the global market, providing the best products and the ultimate experience for vast numbers of consumers.YiFang prepares all fruit tea with fresh organic ingredients.


The Adelaide store opened in late July 2019 as a franchised store and is the first in this city. The company aims to continue to strengthen communication with partners around the world and to expand the business locally.


Belablink has been employed to promote the company, to create brand awareness, manage social media content and all marketing related activities.

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Opening drink specials were heavily promoted on social media through creative content writing, graphic design and advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and WeChat. Primarily focused on younger Chinese students and city workers. Drink specials were promoted under “Halftime Tea Time” slogan, and discounts to celebrate Chinese Valentines Day were particularly popular.


Sales have been grown steady and given that the brand is new to Adelaide. Belablink also created enough traction on social media to attract editorial interest from online magazines such as Adelaide Now and Glam Adelaide. We continuously plan new marketing campaigns and promotions for the overall brand awareness and new products launched to meet their desired sales.  

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