Bruse Real Estate


Real Estate is well established in the Bruse family. They are enthusiastic and extremely passionate about real estate and have been a family-owned business for three generations. Mainly selling in the Eastern suburbs. Bruse is popular for potential Chinese buyers. They were looking for ways in which to engage more business from Chinese buyers.



Belablink worked on a social media campaign primarily driven by a register of a WeChat platform. Focusing on rich and detailed content that included easy to remember and simplified messages creatively written for the Chinese market. Our aim was to firstly familiarise Chinese buyers with the Bruse brand. WeChat was particularly effective for this campaign. Listings were written with a clear and attractive content style that included descriptions and designs in targeted WeChat articles. In the ways that Chinese people feel easy to understand and get interested in. 


Consequently, the Bruse name has now become synonymous for real estate services within the Chinese Community. The company has generated successful leads and now has a valuable database at its disposal. Importantly, Bruse has more negotiating power to obtain successful listings.